בניית מותג חדש בעולם הבית החכם

Moodo is a new smart home fragrance by Agan Aroma, a global industry leader producing quality ingredients for the F&F industry for over thirty five years

In today’s smart home, there’s a lot we can personalize to help improve our mood, but a key part is still missing…smell.      The right smell can influence our mood instantly

Say hello to Moodo, your personal mood box

A smart fragrance box built around you. Built on proprietary technology and the deep expertise of a global fragrance leader Moodo helps you create your own unique ambiance instantly

From the Strategy, naming to the verbal and visual identity we created the brand Moodo

one moodo
endless possibilities

We understand that choosing a scent is personal. It’s not just about selecting something off the shelf, but about unique combinations that express your mood in the moment

That is why we created Moodo

A smart home fragrance machine, designed to enhance our wellbeing. Moodo helps you create your own unique ambiance instantly. Moodo sparks your imagination and gives you the inspiration to create your own unique scent for any mood. Instantly. We do that by getting creative with our ingredients. World leading perfumers take the finest raw materials, then mix  and match, innovate and invent. Now you can express your space with your unique charm

It’s time to switch on your mood